Let’s face it. Money is a motivator, and logistics careers typically pay well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a mean annual wage of $74,860 in May 2011. Not bad, right? Imagine what you can earn after you’ve worked in the field for a few years. Perhaps a six-figure salary is in your near future?

Unlimited Opportunity

No matter what, companies will always needs employees to help with distribution of merchandise. Without logisticians, manufacturing and other businesses would have a very hard time succeeding. Logistics keeps the supply chain flowing, which in return, keeps you employed.

Jobs at Every Education Level

You don’t have to have a master’s degree to land a job in logistics. This field has entry-level positions as well as career opportunities for job seekers with more experience. Entry-level opportunities include forklift operator, material handler, and truck drivers while mid- to upper-level positions include operations managers, logistics analysts, and purchasing agents.

Gain International Business Experience

Perhaps the most exciting reason to earn a degree in logistics…gaining international business experience is pretty cool. You’ll develop relationships with professionals around the globe if your employer deals with international customers - and most do! Who knows, you might score a few travel opportunities to Korea, South America, or anywhere for that matter.
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